GenArt’s Fresh Faces in Fashion Sp/Su ’13

by cristinalexa

Time to play catch-up in my ‘dresser diary’ entries… one of the shows I dressed for this year was GenArt’s Fresh Faces in Fashion. It was great to be backstage again! GenArt has been showcasing the best up-and-coming designers in the fashion world since 1994.

This year I dressed for Anne Sofie Madsen, a talented emerging designer. She hails from Denmark. Her designs were intricate and well thought-out. She used knuckle gloves in all her designs, whether attached to the dresses or an accessory to the look. Because the looks were so embellished and complex we used white Nike Airforce 1s to balance it out.  She also used a grey bangs hairpiece with crystals and embellishments attached. The final outcome left attendees and those backstage equally breathless.

I had a wonderful time dressing for her. Her team was amazing. Here are the looks I dressed-

asm4 asm1 asm3 asm2 asm5


All these shots are from my cellphone. You can see all the Air Force 1s lined up and ready to be worn! There are shots of the hangers with model boards(these have shots of the look and the individual model who will be wearing it). There is also a photo of the model/mood board, this is used to put the whole designer’s show together(models, agencies, looks, sizes). It was so much better this year with one model for each look instead of repeating models and all the rushing of changing them in seconds like last year’s show! There are lots of photographs of backstage action! It is a show even behind the runway curtain!


Here are the backstage shots-

2012-09-09_15-17-14_918 2012-09-09_15-17-34_942 2012-09-09_15-17-46_868 2012-09-09_15-17-59_76 2012-09-09_15-44-24_211 2012-09-09_15-40-14_259 2012-09-09_15-43-40_376 2012-09-09_17-33-13_501 2012-09-09_17-28-56_612 2012-09-09_17-30-57_148 2012-09-09_17-31-42_606 2012-09-09_17-33-02_238 2012-09-09_17-33-21_678 2012-09-09_17-33-30_347 2012-09-09_17-33-54_164 2012-09-09_17-34-18_622012-09-09_17-34-10_819



Anne Sofie Madsen


A shot of myself and one Anne Sofie Madsen’s assistants-


My friends (other dressers) Manu Lea, Shruti Sadana and myself backstage before the show-