A Designer’s Interview Garb

You might not know by my fashion-oriented blog  but I am by trade a Floral Designer (fashion & flowers go hand-in-hand).  A few weeks ago I had an interview with a company dubbed the ‘Netflix of the flower industry’, HBloom. I was so nervous! I didn’t let my anxiety stop me from showing both my florista & fashionista side.


I started off with a black Miroa Dress (Brazilian boutique in Florida), with beautiful ruffles on the sleeves and hemline and clean everywhere else. Then I braided my hair to the side. I added my deep sapphire-blue roses hair comb that yours truly designed (one of the first accessories I ever made). Marc Jacob’s pearl-like metal necklace, paired with my mother’s floating pearl necklace. I wore white carved-rose earrings that were a gift from my dear friend, Christina Nuzzo. I finished  the look off with patterned fishnet tights my mother gave to me (awesome gift) and my Vera Wang Lavender boots.



P.S. I also wore my Juicy Couture midnight blue metallic tweed satchel (not featured in photographs). Photos are cellphone shots.