Fresh Faces in Fashion

The Fresh Faces in Fashion show by Gen Art is well-known for turning out the city’s finest talent. New and up and coming designers are debuted to the city where fashion breathes. It takes place on the first evening of NY Fashion Week, and sets the mood for this amazing week of fashion. It has turned out the likes of noneother than Zac Posen, Phillip Lim & Rebecca Taylor. This year’s host for this talk-of-town event was Erika Christensen.

Erika Christensen & copresident of Gen Art, Elizabeth Shaffer

The train rocked as we pulled into Grand Central Terminal. There were butterflies in my stomach from the excitement. I was meeting with a friend, with whom I would be dressing models backstage. Once we found eachother in the poetic chaos that is NYC, we walked with a quiet enthusiasm. We entered the Manhattan Center and we were guided to the sixth floor.

It was surreal like a fashion dream as I neared the runway. Models were practicing walking as the technical staff prepared. Passing accessory booths of beautiful, well-worked items, we approached the backstage door. Behind that door the models, make-up artists, hair stylists, designers and dressers were bustling like the city streets outside. The preparation and practice for the show took some time. I was assigned to dress for Ace & Jig and Jennifer Chun.

Photo from the home page of Ace & Jig’s website

Ace & Jig logo from website

Jennifer Chun’s main photo from website

Here are some looks I dressed for Ace & Jig-

Ace and Jig, Fresh Faces in Fashion New York, Gen Art

Rayssa for Ace & Jig, Fresh Faces in Fashion NY

Ace & Jig, Fresh Faces in Fashion, Second look I dressed

I also helped dress these Jennifer Chun looks-

Jennifer Chun, Fresh Faces in Fashion NY, Gen Art

Jennifer Chun, Fresh Faces in Fashion Show NY, Gen Art

Dressing for a fashion show is fast paced. You have to prepare the clothing (un-button, un-zip, un-tie shoe laces ect.) to get the pieces on the models as fast as possible. Sometimes there are several people dressing one model at once! You have to keep track of items(accessories, jewlery) that are used in more than one look.

Here are some backstage shots from my cell-

Ace & Jig designers, Cary and Jenna being interviewed by Gen Art

Models for Ace & Jig in line

Models getting prepped by Make-up Artists for William Okpo

Models waiting to practice walking, Ace & Jig

Stacey Jordan preparing models for the Fashion Show, Wiliam Okpo

Backstage shots from Gen Art site-

When backstage, it was like a magazine wonderland.  It swam with a sea of long legs and sculpted features. Beautiful towering women (who seemed more like mytholgical goddesses than mere mortals) surrounded me. The time was nearing, and I felt like a fashion cinderella of my own kind. We were all waiting for that moment, that cue that tells us the show is starting. The lights dimmed & the magic began.

Ilze Puga, a model I befriended at the show, walking the runway.

Shots from my cell phone of Ilze Puga & the amazing cardigan she was modeling-

Ilze Puga for Sunghee Bang Backstage

Beautiful Print on this fly-away jacket by Sunghee Bang

Entire outfit, Backstage, Sunghee Bang


Click here for complete list of Designers debuted on the night of Fresh Faces in Fashion by Gen art.

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